Triple Threat Club

Triple Threat Club



Being a member means you are a “Triple Threat” for the Foundation of Arts.

You are a patron, a donor, and a volunteer.  The FOA only exists with all three.

You don’t have to give thousands of dollars, or even thousands of hours, to help a great cause!  Since you are embarking on a new project here at the FOA as a volunteer, you can give as little as $10/month to support the arts for everyone in your community.

And coming to a future show in order to support the other volunteers… well, now you get free popcorn!

If you’d like to “pay it forward” to ensure that others can have a great experience here, just complete the form above, and we’ll get you started.

For more information about how to be a Triple Threat Club member, call 935-2726.

P.S.  A free t-shirt may or may not be included!!!