Arts Education

Arts Education at The Foundation of Arts is non-competitive, technique based.  We offer courses in voice, theatre, dance, and visual arts.  We strive to educate our students based on the fundamentals needed to succeed in arts-related careers with the understanding that the same basic concepts apply in a multitude of fields beyond the arts spectrum.  Technical and artistic development remain our primary areas of focus as we prepare students for higher level education and/or professional opportunities. Our curriculum is set by our own qualified, reputable instructors.  Instruction is level-based and each class sets forth a syllabus of skills to be achieved before advancing to the next class level. All classes build upon each other, to ensure that students receive as much knowledge and as many skill sets as possible.


Ballet Technique at The Foundation of Arts

The FOA offers ballet classes for ages 3 to adult. Here in The Arts Center, we base our classes on the teaching methods of George Balanchine. Balanchine is considered as a pioneer in the teachings of contemporary ballet. He first introduced his technique to The School of American Ballet, associated with the New York City Ballet. Both schools continue to use his teaching method in present day. The Balanchine method is characterized by intense speed, deep plie’ and long lines of the body. Our students work intensely on petite allegro as well as flexibility. This method also encourages a much more fluid motion of the arms and head and incorporates many contemporary or modern aspects of dance. Balanchine dancers are said to move quickly with ease and use a great deal of expression with the body during choreography.


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